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Many Bates students are eligible to vote in the upcoming election. You can also get help with registering to vote & voting through the Harward Center.

Even if you aren’t on campus or in Lewiston—due to Covid-19 (or another reason)—if you intend to return and haven’t registered elsewhere, you can maintain your existing registration and vote, or register for the first time with your last Lewiston address.

Register to vote

Information about registration for Bates Students.

How to Vote

Information on casting your ballot.

Contact the Clerk

Lewiston Clerk
Kathy Montejo: (207) 513-3124


No Proof of Residency Needed for College Housing: For Bates students living in college housing, you do not need to provide documentation to show your residency, because the clerk has a list of students and their dorm numbers from the Bates registrar. You will only need to include proof of identity—and in Lewiston, a Bates student ID can fill this purpose. If you are registering at a residence not provided by the college, you will need to include documentary proof of residency.

Re-Registering to Vote: If you are in a new dorm (including the hotel), you have to re-register showing your change of address, even if you registered to vote in Lewiston in a previous year. For hotel students, you can simply list the address on your registration form—you don’t need to include the room number.

Where to Register

You can register at Lewiston City Hall at 27 Pine Street. Find office hours at (general hours appear to be 8:30am-4pm on weekdays). You can register in-person at Lewiston City Hall anytime it’s open between now and 11/3—if you go between 10/5 and 10/30, you can also vote early right then and there.

To register without going to City Hall, download and print the registration form at and mail it along with photocopies of required documentation to the Lewiston City Hall at 27 Pine Street. (You can see a sample of this form filled out at

You can also pick up this form at Bates Post & Print at 65 Campus Avenue. Bring your registration form and photocopies of relevant documentation to Bates Post & Print at 65 Campus Avenue, where there is an ongoing registration drive, or to City Hall.

You can also register in-person at the polls on Election Day—just bring documentation to show proof of identity and residency to your polling place. Polls will be open from 7am to 8pm. Find my polling location ➔

How to Vote

Request your ballot at If you get mail on campus, request that your ballot be mailed to Bates Post & Print at 65 Campus Avenue. If you get mail elsewhere, request that your ballot be mailed to that location

Return your ballot as soon as possible:

  • In person to Lewiston City Hall at 27 Pine Street, during business hours
  • In person to the drop box on Park Street side of City Hall, anytime
  • By mail to Lewiston City Hall

REMEMBER: All ballots must be received by 8pm on Election Day, Tuesday, November 3rd.

You can vote early between Monday, October 5th, and Friday, October 30th, at the Lewiston City Hall at 27 Pine Street.

Polls are open in Lewiston from 7am to 8pm. Your polling location may have changed due to COVID-19, so make sure to double check your polling location prior to voting on Election Day. Find my polling location >>>